TI. B. A.


You can view our 1st boycott Campaign, and purchase a support T-shirt.

"Click Here" to learn more about the campaign.

Take It Back America.


T.I.B.A. - Take It Back America will be launching different campaigns throughout the year against efforts that are being made to manipulate our values for purposes other than what was originally intended. We support good family values.

With your support and boycott effort, T.I.B.A. - Take It Back America, can state our case and make it aware that we are not afraid to stand together, take back what was lost, preserve what we still have or even help institute positive American values. So be different and show your American spirit.
Our "About Us" tab simply expresses our Mission Statement.

Next, you can view our 1st boycott Campaign, and how you can purchase a support T-shirt.

Together we can make a difference! God has blessed this great country, let's not just give it away.

Also, keep an eye on other important campaigns coming soon!